5 famous UFO & alien sightings caught by NASA on the moon

From 1969 48 years have passed almost half a century ago, we had the audacity to embark on missions that led us out of our world, precisely because it has passed so long since the first missions, many have begun to doubt the truthfulness of these journeys Moons, others believe that NASA has continued its lunar missions but secretly, revealing to no one the discoveries made, ufo & alien sightings nowadays still a mystery.


1994 NASA launches the Clementine probe into space to map the lunar surface. One of the images released to the public depicts a part of the dark side of the moon, but they did not matter to a strange detail. In the picture you could notice a strange V formation seems to be made up of two files that look like they are composed of 7 lights, something too symmetrical to be a natural formation, the strange structure seems to measure 150 meters x 150 and is localized In the center of a crater, oddly convenient and profound to shelter from radiation. NASA immediately stated that it was only a digital anomaly, but in many people it was hypothesized that it could be a landing platform or an entry for a lunar base, the idea of ​​a lunar base is not to be considered impossible As already in 1959 NASA was working on this possibility under the name code of “project horizon“.
clementine probe weird form on the moon


UFO & alien sightings never stops, when Google released lunar navigation, some users were shocked when they noticed a strange figure wandering on the surface, in the shape of the long shadow it would be said to be a humanoid, many have hypothesized that it could be an alien, or else a researcher Of the lunar base, after other analyzes it was determined that the creature would have to be 45 feet tall to create such a shadow, according to NASA instead it would only be a problem with the satellite camera.
top ufo alien sightings on the moon


During the landing on the lunar surface in April 1972, astronauts from Apollo 16 filmed a strange object from their command module, this strange object appeared on the moon and remained visible for about 4 seconds, the astronauts described the object as a Plate species with a dome on it, extremely similar to the various sightings that will take place in the future, only in 2004 NASA tried to explain that it could only be a reflection of strange light, but in very few are convinced.
apollo 16 ufo on the moon


The sightings of flying objects were not the only mysterious things to be resumed aboard the apollo missions, one of the most intriguing photos showing a powerful electric beam or some sort of electric discharge appearing on the dark side of the moon, some scholars have hypothesized Being proof that there are alien or human bases hidden beneath the surface, NASA has defended itself by saying that it was a camera anomaly.
apollo missions electric beam


cabeus crater mystery
Few know that NASA conducted a missile attack on the moon, launched a missile to bomb it, a missile with heavy explosive power over 2.2 tons, headed toward the Cabeus crater in the southern moon pole, according to NASA’s version Official was to crash against the moon to collect data at the base of scientific studies, but according to some external observers in the Cabeus crater there was no explosion.
nasa apollo mission base
However, a strange picture of a NASA engineer has revealed that the missile was not directed at the Cabeus crater and was probably directed against a construction. Below we can see a large structure protruding from the lunar surface into the center of the image. NASA wanted to destroy part of their lunar base? An out-of-control experiment? Or simply an attempt to hide their presence on the moon.
moon cabeus mystery
These are just 5 of the episodes that could depict alien or human activity on the moon we are not yet aware of or could simply be a problem with the cameras as NASA says.

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