2009 Norwegian spiral anomaly

The 2009 Norwegian spiral anomaly brought in hundreds of phone calls to the Norwegian Meteorological Institute when a strange light lasting 10 minutes was seen in the night sky. It could be seen from the northern parts of both Sweden and Norway and was described as a blue light that was emitting from the back of a mountain and coming to a halt half way into the sky.
The reason it was called the spiral anomaly is that where the light seemed to end it spiralled off with a grey coloured light which stopped many residents in their tracks.

Only a month previous a similar event also occurred both looking as though they were failed missile flights. It was confirmed that this was an occurrence that happened that very same day. The numerous callers wanted confirmation as to what had caused the anomaly in the night sky.
2009 norwegian spiral anomaly
A famous astronomer thought initially that it was a meteor but that speculation was soon dismissed because of the amount of time the light lasted and the size of the area of which it could be seen from. Others speculated that it was a variant of the famous Northern lights. It was even suggested that the 2009 Norwegian spiral anomaly could have been aliens or that it may have been a side effect of the experiments that had taken place in Switzerland around the same time at the Hadron Collider.

The Ministry of Defence in Russia suggested the cause was not any of the suggested but in fact a technical malfunction of a missile test. It is thought that when there is missile failure that happens in the outer atmosphere layers that type of anomaly could be explained. Before they had confirmed there had been a failed missile the cause had been suggested by an astrophysicist. It is thought to have been caused by the missiles nozzle being damaged which pushes the exhaust to one side making it spin and cause the effects seen.

There have been other similar launches where the same effect was witnessed and the pictures of such are widely available online. Once such launch happened at the beginning of November in 2015 in San Diego.

The trajectory of the missile could be seen throughout California and reports came in from as far as Arizona with lots of video evidence uploaded to the internet shortly after. This was explained by a missile submarine launching in the Pacific range. they are often conducted to ensure that the system is in working order. Each test that is undertaken is to collect information on the systems to ensure should they be needed they will be reliable.

Although at first the 2009 Norwegian spiral anomaly caused much speculation and in some fear of an alien invasion or attack the reason behind it soon put the minds of many to rest. Although the anomaly brought with it much attention, it could be explained away. To those that were lucky enough to witness the anomaly it brought with them the most spectacular firework display they are likely to see in their lifetime.

The video of anomaly

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