1976 Tehran UFO incident – What happened?

The 1976 Tehran UFO incident was seen and noted by both radar and visually in Iran’s capital Tehran first thing in the morning. The incident caused two jet interceptors to lose instrumentation and their communication as they got closer to the object; however once they withdrew normal function was resumed. While flying closer the aircraft prepared to open fire if necessary and the whole weapons system failed.

Many residents reported a bright light above them in the sky and pilots had also found that their equipment was disabled until they withdrew. The initial sightings by the residents was explained away by being a possible Jupiter astronomical body.
1976 tehran ufo incident
This was also backed by an aerospace researcher who said that the failure of the equipment used was due to the pilot’s incompetence and possible malfunction which bore no relation to the sighting or getting close to it. The first equipment failure came from equipment that was known for its failure and had a history of losing power. Repairs were made just a month prior to the incident and another theory was that the mode may have been set to ‘manual track’ which could have led the readings to be misinterpreted.

The bright lights of the 1976 Tehran UFO incident reported by the pilot were described to be falling and leaving behind them a trail. The day the incident took place was during two meteorite showers that occur each year known as the Gamma Piscids and Southern Piscids. There was also the Eta Draconoids shower coming to an end which would explain the sighting of odd lights and objects falling from the sky. The sight where the reported crash of the objects was explored and there a transponder still beeping was found which could explain the phenomenon.

When the 1976 Tehran UFO incident is looked at in detail without automatically assuming that a UFO was the cause only one unusual thing about the incident remains. The only abnormality is that the planes chased after the objects and had failure of their equipment. there have been previous reports where planes have suffered equipment failure and also those where planes have reported UFO sightings when in fact they were not identified correctly. Occasionally both anomalies can correlate, which is what this incident was put down to.

Specialists in the UFO field were fast to criticize shows that glorify sightings of possible UFO’s and extra-terrestrial beings saying that the basis of the programs was based on presumption without facts to back them up. They added that the events that were quickly named the 1976 Tehran UFO incident could in fact be explained by other causes and did not automatically mean that visits from extra-terrestrials took place at all.

The reports from sightings said that it was felt that the lights were manned professionally and were hostile, however no injuries took place. This is why professionals discouraged speculation of unearthly encounters from aliens and looked no further into the incident. With UFO sightings the speculations are often disbanded quickly with only the word of onlookers to go by.

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