1949 – 1954 UFO’s over los Angeles

Nobody talks about the 1949 – 1954 UFO’s over los Angeles, then here is another UFO sighting around the skies of Los Angeles, this time to the south, the documents of the project blue book report the presence of flying disks near the observatory, a witness claims to have seen them even 16 flying with a shape V, another saw a cigar-shaped object flying, sightings are increasing and continue for at least nine days, while the project blue book blames technical malfunctions.

The days to follow the Secretary of the Navy declares that it was a false alarm due to the strong nervousness.

A letter written the day after the “Battle of Los Angeles” says that two aircraft were recovered in the sea, the letter specifies that those two were not velivole land, according to intelligence had extraterrestrial origins, these were the black words on white after the incident in March 1942

So, the questions are many, the mystery of 1942 may never be solved, it was top secret experiments Americans? There are many hypotheses and hundreds of theories, such as military aircraft, weather balloons to test the atmosphere or enemy attacks?!…

1949 - 1954 UFO's over los angeles

Los angeles 1954 another alien sighting

For 70 years now, the city has retained numerous alien sightings. Two test pilots during the test flight sights a thin object floating in the air, this sighting was added to military project called “Project Blue Book” that has investigated more than 12 thousand cases. This project was intended to address these observations.

Of these 12 thousand, 701 cases remain a MYSTERY, no scientific proof of this is part of the 1954 episode stored between the Air Force landmark documents as “resolved.

However los angeles, over the years there have been many more sightings, in 1956 the project blue book investigates an event that happened in the south of the metropolis in California near “el toro“, in the space of eight hours is the UFO traced by radar and seen by the locals, there are many pages of documentation that prove the existence of this case with more than 30 photos.

Jets and helicopters were sent to carry out checks but have not found anything strange in the end it was concluded that the radar signals were due to some phenomenon unidentified, and that the sightings were a figment.

Certainly the sighting of 1956 does not have what was documented in 1942, a picture taken from the newspaper where he captures the image of something in the sky illuminated by anti-aircraft headlights.

There are hundreds if not thousands of witnesses who claim to have seen flying objects in the skies of Los Angeles, what were we’ll never know, do you thinking?

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